The Delusions of Miss Threnody and Sir Risdel

Back in 2012 when I was in my final year of high school I made these costumes as my final pieces for VCE studio arts.DSC_0309_2.jpg

The theme I was exploring was the genre of fantasy as well as what the term represents. 299495_4305485528820_1210863582_n.jpg

The corset is entirely steel boned, with a hand painted silk outer and gold satin binding. The scene painted on it includes dragons, unicorns, forests, castles, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, toadstools, dark fairies and a red sunset. 156607_4305485408817_473607875_n.jpg

The wings are supported by a steel frame which sits over the shoulders of the wearer. Torn fabric and feathers were sewn onto fabric draped over the frame in rows. I then used craft glue to attach smaller, fluffier feathers and white lace to the top edge of the wings.


The skirt is made from lots and lots of shredded fabric arranged in a gradient. The fabrics are a broad variety of smooth and crushed satins, laces, chiffon, tulle and printed fabrics. The volume of the skirt is created from many layers of tulle. 528476_4305481808727_2144798966_n.jpg

This mask was made from a material called wonderflex, which is a thin sheet of plastic which becomes flexible and adhesive when heated. Once moulded and the filigree pattern cut, I painted it a worn gold and covered it with watch parts. bf8bc6a5f4f65b2ad0cb921f37d29a15.jpg

The mens costume consisted of a victorian style tailcoat, waistcoat, cravat and top hat with a slight steampunk twist. The waistcoat is made from a textured, metallic faux leather and the cravat is spray painted with metallic paint. The brim of the top hat is covered in watch parts like the mask and the back features purple corset like lacing.

At this point in time I was fairly new to sewing and didn’t know much about how to construct a garment properly so I was just making it up as I went along. Now days I would have approached these costumes differently, and probably used a lot less craft glue but I am still very proud of what I achieved.


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