Caldera – Look 1

My graduate collection, entitled Caldera, is inspired by volcanoes, climate change, destruction, the hypothetical impending apocalypse, and the way we affect the world around us. You can read more about how I developed my concept and designs here

The first look from the collection incorporates several different materials, techniques, and inspirations. The “Framework Jacket” is created from laser cut imitation leather and is based on the exposed frame of a burnt out building. Buildings are a strong symbol of industrialisation and modern society. The laser cut design represents how destructive humanity has become and how unsustainable our consumption behaviours and industrial practices are. The “Framework Jacket” also features a zipper pull made from volcanic rock.

Look 3 Close ups.jpg

The “Distress Jumper” is made from cotton/linen blend yarn which I knitted on an old knitting machine. I added ladders into the fabric as I knitted so they’re stable and won’t unravel further. The loose, looping threads are a combination of acrylic, cotton, and synthetic fibres that are tied into the knit stitches to create a chaotic effect. The main colours of the jumper are based on fire and lava. I decided to add the turquoise threads for a couple of reasons. Firstly, turquoise and orange are really beautiful complementary colours. And secondly, I was feeling like my collection was overly dark and pessimistic so I wanted to add some colours representative of life and new growth.


The “Igneous Pants” are inspired by lava, which creates amazing rippling textures as it cools and turns into black igneous rock. The pants are created from cotton sateen and involve a lot of draping and hand stitching. They don’t have a side seam but do have scoop pockets, which I pattern made by inserting the pocket into an elongated front dart. While being very voluminous, the pants are fitted around the hips and the 2 pant legs sit apart from each other to create a flattering silhouette.


All 3 of my looks feature long sleeve tops with elongated turtlenecks and thumbholes. The “Protection Top” is made from bamboo jersey and is inspired by gas masks used for air filtration in areas where air pollution is becoming a significant problem.

Look 3.jpg


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