Caldera – Look 2

The second look in the Caldera collection incorporates new textile technology, vegan materials, and a post apocalyptic, grungy style.

The “fireball Hoodie” features an original digital print I created for the collection. The print is inspired by volcanic eruptions and fire. The cropped hoodie is fully lined and features an oversize hood, cowl front, and dramatic sleeves. Seam lines spiral down the sleeve and excess gathered fabric creates a puffed effect over the forearm reminiscent of a fireball.


The “framework skirt” features the same laser cutting design seen in the first look from my Caldera collection. You can read about the inspiration behind the laser cut design here


The “Summit Harness” is created from imitation leather and has a functional, post apocalyptic style. The triangular hardware is reminiscent of the shape of a volcano, a shape that is echoed throughout the collection.


To read more about the concept behind the Caldera collection follow this link


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