Caldera – Look 3

The 3rd look in my Caldera Collection is all about texture, colour, layers and asymmetry. The garments incorporate new textile technology, unusual fabrications, and functionality.

The “Topography Coat” is created from digitally printed neoprene and is inspired by topographic maps and volcanic eruptions. The coat is fully reversible so can be worn with either the volcanic print or textured black on the outside. I’m of the opinion that most good garments have pockets so a patch pocket is incorporated into the layered fabric texture. Metallic details are added with copper leaf scattered over the coat and a splattering of metallic blue represents life and new growth.

look 1.jpgIMG_4848 copy.jpg

The “Bandaged Leg Wraps” are inspired by post apocalyptic survival and burn treatment. They are fused and stitched in place so they pull on like socks. The different lengths are designed to reflect the asymmetrical hemline of the coat.

Look 1 close ups

The “Liquid State Skirt” is made from latex and wraps around the body. It secures at the front with adjustable buttons and has an asymmetrical, layered design. Tight fitting Latex clothing is often quite difficult to get in and out of so I wanted to make a garment that’s easy to wear and takes advantage of Latex’s unique drape, movement, and finish.

Tess 1.jpg


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